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Mountain Christian League JV Volleyball Tournament

Saturday, October 29 2022

For A More Clear PDF Version of the bracket Click here!

JV VB Tournament - Champs.tiff

PDF of Tournament Guidelines

Tournament Sites:

The Oaks Classical Christian Academy - 11711 E. 24th Ave., Spokane Valley, WA 99206


Evergreen Middle School -  14221 E 16th Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99037


Start Time: 8:00 AM - doors open @ 7:30 AM


Team Camps:

Team camps are set up in the teacher classrooms along the side and back hallway at The Oaks.  Please use the tables in the cafeteria of Evergreen.  CLEAN UP ALL MESSES and “Leave it better than you found it!”

At The Oaks, Do NOT setup team areas in the stands, court, foyer, or locker rooms.


Food & Drink:

Food can be brought into the facility, but Please clean up your messes!

·   NO GUM on courts! WATER ONLY (no food/other drinks) IS ALLOWED ON THE PLAYING SURFACE—THIS INCLUDES THE SCORER’S TABLE!! Sports drinks are NOT water and are sticky when spilled.

·   No pets are allowed in the facilities.

·   Please supervise all children.















Results & Schedules:

All schedules, ref assignments and results will be posted on the MCL Website.


Minimal signage will be updated at playing sites. Please utilize the website for updates or inquire with the Tournament Director.



Warm-ups are 5 shared then 3-3 for all matches


Official and Referee Information:

R1’s will be provided for all matches. An R2 will only be provided for the championship game.  Each team must provide a line judge and one person for the scorekeeping crew (scoreboard & scorebook).


Round One Pool Play:

·   All teams will play the three teams within their assigned pool. Follow the match schedule provided on the MCL website.

·   There are no start times after the first match.  Games will begin immediately following the previous scheduled match.

·   Each match will be best 2 of 3, third set to 15 (No Cap)

·   After the Round Robin, seeding will be determined by each team’s winning percentage.  Tie-breakers will be determined by average point differential of pool play matches.


Championship Bracket:

The Championship Bracket will commence immediately following the conclusion of Pool Play, continuing with a 5-3-3 warm up.



The third place trophy will be awarded to the winner of the 3rd place match immediately after it has finished.  Time will be allotted for this presentation and the presentation of the Sportsmanship Award which will be given at the same time.


The first and second place awards will be presented immediately following the championship match .



Results of the tournament will be posted at


For questions or concerns, contact the Tournament Director - Colin Williams 509-263-9936 (The Oaks Athletic Director)


Food At The Oaks

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