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2023 MCL Soccer Tournament
November 2nd - 4th, 2023

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2023 MCL Soccer Standings

Christian Center School   (CCS)                                             9-1
Classical Christian Academy (CCA)                                   9-1
The Oaks                                                                                              5-5
Spokane Classical Christian School (SCCS)                   5-7-1
Pullman Christian School (PCS)                                             2-8
North Idaho Christian School (NICS)                                   0-9-1

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2023 MCL Soccer
Tournament Bracket

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All League, Sportsmanship,
Gold Ball Presentations, and Tournament Trophies
15 Minutes Following the Championship Game @ Approximately 5:45 PM on The Oaks court.

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Tournament Schedule

The tournament will take place over three days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The tournament schedule has been constructed such that teams play only once per day.   


Teams will compete as outlined in the tournament bracket below.  The top team in the bracket is the home team.  At least 15 minutes of warm-up time will be allotted at the beginning of each game depending on the length of the previous one.  If the tournament gets behind schedule, halftime will be shortened to try to get back on schedule, and teams should be ready to warm-up and start the next game quickly.  If a previous game ends early, the next game will start a maximum of 10 minutes ahead of its scheduled start time.



Opening round games Thursday will be hosted by the higher seed at their home field.  Friday’s and Saturday’s games will be played at The Oaks (11711 E. 24th Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206).  


Home & Away Team Uniforms

Home team should wear dark and away (opposing) team, light.  After the first round of games, uniforms tend to be sweaty.  Therefore, opposing teams in later rounds may confer about which color uniform to wear (home or away).  Opposing coaches are encouraged to communicate about which color uniform they want to wear.  If both coaches do not agree to make a switch, the home team will be required to wear dark and the away team will be required to wear light.


Trophies will be presented to the first and second place teams following the championship game.  Third place in the tournament, the gold ball, team sportsmanship, and all-league awards will be presented Saturday before the volleyball championship match in The Oaks gymnasium.

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