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2024 MCL Junior Varsity 
Basketball Tournament

Championship Bracket - Saturday at The Oaks


Tournament Locations  

Saturday - The Oaks Gymnasium

2303 S. Bowdish Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99206

Tournament Game Modifications:

Games shortened to two 12-minute halves with 8-minute intermission

4th personal foul = player fouls out

7th team foul per half = Two Foul Shots

Four timeouts per game – two full & two 30-second 

Overtime periods shortened to 2:30 – Timeouts in overtime limited to one per team


Only the Consolation and Championship Game will be played like a full regular season game with four quarters.  All other NFHS rules apply.  All other games will be played under the tournament modifications above. 


Administrative Information

The Home Team on Saturday is always the higher seeded team. The Home Team is the official scorebook.  The visiting team must provide an adult clock operator. Clock operators should attempt to get a basic understanding of the clock before their scheduled game.  See the tournament director, Colin Williams, for assistance. 


Once a game has ended, the clock will be set for a 15 minute warm-up period.  The tournament host will provide announcements and starting lineups before each game.  


Note: It is imperative that everyone who is not involved in the current game stay off the court at all times!  


The Team Sportsmanship Award and Third Place trophy will be handed out immediately following the third place game. 

The First and Second Place trophy will be awarded immediately after the Championship Game.  We will conclude the tournament with the doxology following the first place trophy presentation. 


Tournament Director – Colin Williams (The Oaks Athletic Director & President of the Mountain Christian League)

PDF of Tournament:

Pool Play Format
Friday, February 2

Tournament Format 

Teams are split into three round-robin pools of three teams; each team plays two games.  

The 1st place team in each pool will be placed in the top three seeds of Saturday's Bracket Play

The 2nd place team in each pool will be placed in seeds four-six of Saturday's Bracket Play

Of the 3rd place teams, the bottom two will play a consolation match at 3:45 PM on Saturday.

The top two third place teams will be the 6th and 7th seed in the tournament bracket.


Pool Play

The purpose of pool play is to accurately seed each team in Saturday's bracket play.  It is not a perfect formulae, but hopefully it’s close.


Pool Standing Determination

1. Pool Record

2. LVM Points (See PDF) → 

3. Lowest Points Allowed 

4. Coin Flip

Bracket Seeding

Pool 1's are seeds 1-2-3 (Tier 1)

Pool 2's are seeds 4-5-6 (Tier 2)

Pool 3's are seeds 7-8-9 (Tier 3)

Seeding across each tier will be determined by:

-LVM Points

-Lowest Points Allowed 

-Coin Flip

Final Results of Pool Play

Pool Play Schedules

Pool Play - Friday at Evergreen Middle School 

Pool Play Outcomes

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